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Weight Goals!

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Analyze the condition

Analyze the Condition

Figuring out the underlying obstacles is important to solving any problem, and the same goes with weight loss. Everyone has a different path in life and it is important to identify what barriers lie between their bodies and a healthy state.  Your Naturopathic Doctor will investigate all avenues of your current health status, and past history, to identify what those barriers are. From there, a personalized course of action can be developed to help you reach your goal. The investigation process can include blood work, diet diaries, and food sensitivity testing to just name a few.   This period of data collection is the foundation to the 5 Step program
Reduce Inflammation

Reduce the Inflammation

Inflammation is a key player in a healthy immune system, however when inflammation becomes out of control and  is chronic, it can create a vicious downhill cycle leading to weight gain.  To put it simply, weight gain is the process of converting excess sugar into storage form, otherwise known as fat.  During this conversion, it leaves a messy trail of debry, which the body must clean up.  Certain immune cells (marcrophages) are deployed to start the clean up, as the macrophages begin their duties, they release chemical signals for support with the clean up, coincidentally, these chemical signals are the same used in the inflammatory cycle.   
External factors such as food reactions(food sensitivites) can cause inflammation. Symptoms can include bloating, indigestion, and belching are signs that there might be an inflammatory cycle happening each time you eat. 

Balance Hormones

Thyroid, Insulin, Cortisol, Estrogen, and Testosterone; these are all examples of the hormones in our body. Hormones are long distance communication molecules that are released to guide normal body function. There are several different types of hormones, one type of interest and involved in weight gain are the sex hormones, Estrogen and Testosterone.  When the balance of these are of set (low or excess), our body can respond by slowing metabolism or increasing fat storages to help regulate some of the effects.   

Detox and Digestion


The colon, the liver, the kidneys, and the skin are organs involved with elimination and detoxification of the body. When any of these organs are backed up from an overload or their functions are weakened by a lack of nutrients, the body begins to slow down and fat metabolism begins to halt.  Inflammation occurs due to the excess of toxins being retained in the system.  The body responds to the build up by slowing down metabolism and constriction of the circulatory system.  Therefore ensuring proper elimination and digestion are occuring is a critical to the entire process. 
Accelerate fat burn

Accelerate Fat Burn


So even with a great diet, exercise and have gone through all the above steps, you still haven't been able to shed the fat?  There is a solution for you!  The liver, along with its function of detoxification is heavily involved in fat metabolism. With the help of "lipotrophic" agents, the liver can be optimal at fat metabolism.  The lipotrophic agent is a combination of vitamins that ensures that you get the maximum fat buring benefit.  

* Before taking any of these steps, please consult with your health care practitioner first.


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