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All your care, all in one place

Goal is to make quality, personalized health options available to you.

We are hyper focused on eliminating the obstacles that prevent you from doing your best at getting the health benefits to you.



1.Naturopathic                       2.Nutrition                      3,45. Body Work                      6. Neurofeedback   

7. Counselling/ Psychotherapy                8. Massage/ Osteopathy                 9.Acupuncture                  10.Healing

Naturopathic Consultation (1) Physical

Our naturopathic doctor will provide an initial consultation, to asset you with your program and meet your multi-faceted plan:

  • Health history of health concerns, allergies, medications, supplements

  • Lifestyle habits which could be contributing health concerns, considerations to Stress management, quality of sleep and energy levels

  • Past physical and emotional concerns

  • Female/Male hormonal function

  • Inflammation, parasite, detoxifying or bowel movements to consider

  • Proper nutrition, portion control and digestive health consideration on a daily performed.

(All extra herbal tonics or supplements will be additional to the intake)


Nutrition Consultation (2) Physical

Our nutritionist will teach you how to eat for healthy habits without feeling deprived or over consuming, including:

  • Adapt a positive outlook and relationship with food and its role in your life

  • Understand the metabolic benefits of nutrient dense foods

  • Learn how adding food can lead to your health issue

  • Re-plan your food menu & family eating habits

  • Educate on grocery shopping and label reading

  • Meal planning and healthy food preparation options

  • Meal plan for your career lifestyle


Body work Consultation (3,4 & 5) Emotional

Our behavioural health team will work with you for 3 sessions on an individual session to:

  • Choice of an Access Bars Consciousness, Body Process, Bowen Therapy or Reiki to identify and uncover possible origins of your health issues

  • Identify with you what might be a contributing factor to your struggle

  • Address emotional, habitual, or repeated patterns causing you to respond not move in the direction you would like

  • Educate you and provide some tools, strategies to cope with emotions or trauma more effectively

  • Unlock patterns of the vicious and self-deprecating cycle

  • Learn to increase your awareness of ingrained mental patterns, emotions, and signals from your body to create new patterns.

  • Mindfulness and mind-body awareness


Neuro Consultation (6)

  • Initial assessment with full head map - topographical brain map

  • Treatment sessions have shown to alter mood, energy, cognitive functioning, attention, movement, confidence, sleep, attention, and increase performance.

  • When applying the lens session, a combination of, improvements have been noted both from a physical and psychological trauma.  Body LENS may be used on both central and peripheral areas of the body.


Counselling/ Coaching/ Psychotherapy (7)

Massage/Osteopathy (8)

Acupuncture (9)

Healing (10)

All Your Care

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