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Hanh Bui
Occupational Therapist, 
Spiritual Psychotherapy,  Bowen 
Therapist & Healer 

Hanh Bui began her educational journey with a bachelor degree in Commerce at Ryerson. However, within 2 years of graduating, she returned to school in search of a more fulfilling and rewarding profession that would be in alignment with her passion of healing work.  In 2002, she received the professional post-graduate Occupational Therapy (OT) program at Queen's University.  Since then, Hanh had made several career advancements in clinical, administrative and leadership roles such as OT Practice Leader.  Her 20 years clinical experiences included both acute care and rehab, most recently, at the University Health Network, Toronto Rehab Institute site, in a variety of rotations from ICU, Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology, MSK & Multi-System (transplants) to General Medicine.  In addition to working full time, Hanh completed a 4 years of Psychotherapy training at the Integral Healing Centre of Toronto. Over the years, driven by a focus on holistic healing (inclusive of the mind, body, and spirit), Hanh undertook extensive training to ensure that she could address these important domains with her clients. She has gained knowledge in various Western and Eastern treatment modalities as she wanted a practice that can utilize the two complementary styles of healing.  She strives to provide a comprehensive treatment that would address the needs of the client under the self-care, productivity and leisure model of an OT.  


Hanh is passionate about engaging people to return to their occupation of life, and can provide treatment/remediation/compensation with strategies and techniques that would enable clients’ their independence at home and in the community.  This may include physical modalities [Bowtech, bioenergetics, energy work, deep breathing, neuro-developmental treatment (NDT), myofascial release, splinting, mobility, and strength training]; psychotherapy (relational, trauma therapy); cognitive evaluation (MOCA/MMSE/RUDAS) and treatment (memory strategies, cognitive CBT).  Functional assessments, combined with home safety modifications & equipment/assistive devices recommendation for return to home and work, may be provided as Hanh is also an ADP authorizer for mobility prescriptions. Hanh's life purpose is to promote self-healing, and engage the clients to be their own author as they write the chapters of their lives in navigating the world of personal injury, trauma, relationship, and mental health obstacles.  Ultimately, it is a collaborative effort to promote full engagement of the self in order to live authentically and independently while being supported by the right healthcare team.  Over more, the guiding principles of the OT lens will empower clients in building positive relationships with themselves and society.  This can only enrich the client's experience of self-discovery and healing.

Languages: Fluent English & Vietnamese

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