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Axitonal Alignment

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It is designed to bring you back in touch with your divine essence and Axitonal  Alignment is a three part process that merges the higher self with the physical form.  Everything in existence is made up of energy, everything is connected, and everyone is connected. Our planet has a grid-work of energy known as the axitonal lines. This grid transfers information between the higher dimensional planes and through all expressions of life. As humans evolved, our connection to the divine and the earth lessened. The Axitonal  Alignment process reconnects and re-establishes the client to the Earth’s natural Axitonal system, the divine energetic blueprint, the energetic structures of the cosmos, and the higher dimensional planes.



  • Allows for greater mental concentration, improved  memory &clarity, helps to eliminate old behaviour patterns

  • Refreshes, balances, rejuvenates, and harmonizes the body, moves blockages and opens meridians

  • Increases vibration, healing time, motivation, energy levels, intuition, and other psychic senses

  • Merges oneself with their truth, divinity, and higher self expression

  • Releases and shields negative energy from the energy system

  • Allows for deeper meditative experiences, powerful spiritual activations, and vivid dreams

  • Increases feelings of compassion, peace, and relaxation


The three-part treatment involved in Axitonal Alignment activates, clears, and balances the entire energetic system. It assists to clear negative emotional and mental patterns, while balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of self.

Axitonal lines run along acupuncture meridians that feed into spin points that lie near the surface of the skin. Spin points are small vortices of energy that regulate the cells and molecules of the body. When spinning correctly, they create a grid for cellular regeneration. When this is created, the axiatonal energy recharges the body, clearing negative mental and emotional patterns. This clearing results in reduced stress, emotional balance, and internal calm. Axitonal Alignment is a great treatment for those who feel off balance or confused about their life direction.

During the first part of the process, the practitioner gently touches/taps and activates your energy points or meridians in a specific sequence.


During the second part, the practitioner balances your masculine and feminine energy, rooting you deeply to mother Earth’s energy below and Father Sun’s energy above. This creates a profound spiritual connection and grounding.

During the third part of the process, the practitioner activates sacred geometry within your energetic body, linking you to your divine power, cosmic grace, and higher self expression. Each alignment is followed by a Reiki session for added balancing, grounding, and healing benefits. Process last 45 minutes each time.


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