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Love for Cancer  

Patients who are pre or post cancer will be supported with individualized treatment care programs, client centered-person care with the support with Intravenous Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage, Acupuncture, Nutrition, and various energy body work ( Reiki, Access Bars/body work). These therapies can be supportive in cancer care, through all types of conventional treatment including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, into active survival and palliative care.


We are unique in our Cancer Care approach, although very complementary with conventional care provided by oncologists, it is a very ancient and spiritual approach, with different kinds of vital energy forces; attuning, balancing, holding the sacral center and transmitting high energy to the areas needed.     

Guided Meditation, Dr Joe Dispenza and all the research available. 

We consider each person’s unique needs and offer individualized treatment recommendations based on lab assessments, physical examinations, a full medical history, and review of current health challenges. The therapeutic and healing approach towards cancer care is comprehensive and could involve modification in diet and supplemental regimes, Intravenous Therapy,  Acupuncture or other lifestyle considerations.

Our Dr Naturopathic Docotr has published a paper: Arvind: Tuteja A. Blog post. “Emotional Intelligence in Cancer”. Published 14 Oct 2020 at CCNM-ICC website: intelligence-in-cancer/

Some potential benefits of integrative cancer care:

  • Reduced side-effects and improved tolerance of conventional treatment

  • Improved quality of life, including by increasing energy, reducing pain, and

    improving appetite

  • Improved efficacy of conventional treatment

  • Reduced risk of cancer recurrence

  • Education and support for patients and their family.

A unique Cancer Care 

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