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Shamanic Treatments 


Our shamanic practitioner Angela Croft will journey to her helping spirits to confirm whether you are in need of either

or both of the treatment sessions below once she contacts you by phone to briefly discuss some of the issues you

identify as needing attention and for her to get your permission to journey on your behalf.


Shamanism is the longest-standing healing modality that we know of today, and it addresses the spiritual aspect of

illness and imbalances of the body and mind. It dates back at least 50,000 years and Shamanic practices across the globe

are remarkably similar, thus indicating a universality of wisdom that transcends race, culture, belief, historical context,

or lifestyle. May anthropological and scholarly works have examined the history and practice of shamanism and you can

easily access a wealth of information online if you wish to learn more.

What's most important, is that while Shamanism has had

different expressions and phases of prominence across the ages,

it has stood the test of time because it can be so effective and

while it’s thankfully enjoying a recent resurgence it’s

unfortunately an all-too-often overlooked healing modality

that can powerfully address issues and imbalances at all levels

of mind, body, spirit, and soul.

All Shamanic practices are rooted in the Shamanic worldview that there are three primary realms of reality. The Upper World, the hidden/unseen aspects of our everyday reality (known as the Middle World) and the Lower World- which is not to be confused with punitive concepts of “hell,” but is simply the world beneath our feet.  The Shamanic practitioner journeys to these realms through various means and works with spirit helpers from the Upper and Lower Realms to assist the client with restoring balance and lost life force from trauma, illness, emotional distress etc. As with the Generational Healing, the Shamanic practitioner can also work with ancestor spirits to help bring healing to the unresolved trauma in the client’s lineage which is negatively impacting them.


If you are interested in Shamanic treatments, we will link you by email to our shamanic practitioner, Angela Croft, who will request that you reply by sharing a bit about the area(s) in which you need support. Then, with your permission, she will journey to her helping spirits to confirm whether you are in need of any or all of the treatment sessions listed below and she’ll be in touch with you via email to provide feedback on next steps. Please note that you are in no way whatsoever obligated to undertake any Shamanic treatments that may be recommended, and Angela will always support and advise you to listen to what feels right for you.


Please note: All treatments are currently done virtually/remotely via a Zoom call and Angela will explain the process and how this works if it’s determined that this would be of benefit to you.


Shamanic Extraction Treatments:

This is a healing process that’s practiced universally by shamanic practitioners across the globe, and it involves removing energies that have been picked up in the course of living which do not belong to or serve you. These aren’t seen as malevolent energies or “possessions”, but rather simply as displaced energy that needs to be removed in order to facilitate greater well-being, and which may alleviate specific ailments, a sense of dis-ease in the body or mind, or a sense of being “blocked” energetically (or all of the above!). While each person experiences something different and unique to their own needs from these treatments, people often report effects such as greater mental clarity, as well as feeling lighter, more energized, and more at ease in themselves following an Extraction Treatment. 


Power Animal/Helping Spirit Retrieval:

In the Shamanic cosmology and worldview, we all have helping spirits. Power Animals are a form of spirit helper that can bestow wisdom, guidance, and healing. In our culture, however, we are not taught about their existence or how to work with them, and because of this we are disconnected from their power. In this Shamanic treatment, Angela will guide you through the process of learning to do a Shamanic journey in which you will be seeking to re-connect with a Power Animal or other helping spirit. Once you have learned this skill and re-connected with a Power Animal this can then become an ongoing practice for you to connect regularly with your Power Animal(s) and/or Helping Spirits to help you navigate on the path of living and healing.


Soul Retrieval:

When we experience a major or even more minor trauma, it’s common for a part of our soul, the essence of who we are, to separate from us in an attempt to protect itself. When this happens, we typically experience a loss of personal power and well-being, and it can also lead to mental and/or physical illness. Most commonly, it leaves us feeling like we’ve lost a part of ourselves. In the course of living life, most people experience some form of soul loss and if you find yourself feeling out of sorts, empty, re-living destructive patterns despite doing the work to clear them, or feeling as though “I’m just not myself”, it’s definitely worth inquiring into whether you might benefit from a Soul Retrieval.


Please Note: It’s common to experience some profound shifts after you welcome a soul part back, and it is quite beneficial to have a supported space in which to process these shifts and learn how to embody and express the energy that is returned to you.  Because of this, any Soul Retrieval process must include two to three follow-up coaching sessions after the Soul Retrieval to support the integration of this work. Integration work includes one session in which Angela will instruct you on how to do a Shamanic journey (see above Power Animal/Helping Spirit Retrieval) so that you can work on your own time with helping spirits to further the re-integration of the soul part.



The Meriam Webster dictionary defines psychopomp as "a conductor of souls to the afterworld”. In the Shamanic worldview, the soul of a deceased person can become lost or stuck in the realm of this world (the land of the living) and unable to move on to the next. This can happen for any number of reasons- one being if a person dies suddenly and doesn’t know that they have died. It can also result from a soul hanging on to people or unresolved issues in the land of the living. Whatever the case may be, this Shamanic practice involves the practitioner making a journey into non-ordinary reality to find the soul and offer them assistance to transition to a world beyond this one so that they are free.


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