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Angela Croft
Social Worker, Life Coach, 
Shamanic & Generational
Healing ™ Practitioner,
Spiritual Guide & Healer

Angela received her undergraduate degree in Psychology as well as her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto, and she has been practicing as a therapist since 1997. She has extensive training and experience in the domain of trauma and healing and believes that every experience, including life’s most difficult challenges, offer us the opportunity to heal, grow, and expand our capacity to express more fully who we are and what we are here to do in the world.


Her focus is in supporting clients to navigate challenging life transitions and/or heal from trauma so they can free themselves from limiting patterns and start experiencing greater peace, purpose, joy, and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Knowing that healing requires us to honor body, mind, spirit, and soul, Angela’s approach is deeply integrative and holistic. She supports her clients to address the emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and relationship aspects of their lives that need healing and balancing, so they can move forward with the clarity, energy, strength, and confidence they need to reclaim their inner spark and create a life they love.


Her clients consistently appreciate the compassionate, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere of her counseling and coaching style, as well as her sense of humor and optimism. Angela creates a warm and dynamic environment that inspires, challenges, uplifts, and illuminates and enables her clients to once again reconnect with possibilities and potential they thought had been lost.


Clients come to Angela for support around issues such as:

  • Losing a sense of meaning, direction, and purpose in life & work

  • Recovering from physical and/or emotional trauma to self or loved one

  • Adjusting to illness and injury

  • Working through losses such as separation/divorce, children leaving home, and death of a loved one

  • Feeling a nagging sense that there’s a “next level” or something more at the core of who they are that is wanting to emerge and be expressed, but they’re not sure what that is or how to bring it forward

Angela draws upon an extensive knowledge base, a vast repertoire of tools, and a keen intuitive ability. She has a deep passion for integrative health and is trained in a variety of modalities that address healing at the level of mind, body, and spirit and are rooted in both ancient wisdom and leading-edge research and neuroscience. She is trained in evidence-based modalities such as Trauma Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique. She also holds a diploma in Shiatsu therapy as well as Level One training in CranioSacral Therapy.  Angela began her education in Shamanic practices over twenty years ago and acquired her foundational skills from The Institute for Shamanic Studies (ISS), founded by the renowned anthropologist, author, and practitioner Michael Harner. As a passionate life-long student and believer in the importance of honing one’s craft, Angela continues to evolve her skills through ongoing training with the Institute as well as through mentorship with a seasoned elder/master practitioner. She has also trained as a Generational Healing ™ practitioner, which is a Shamanic modality that heals the negative and limiting effects of intergenerational trauma. As an advocate for and practitioner of integrative health and wellbeing, Angela is also passionate about sharing the latest research on integrative practices, which she does directly with her clients and also through public speaking and presenting. Angela recently co-presented on The Power of Mindful Intent at the 2016 Ontario Brain Injury Association Conference in Toronto.

Languages: Fluent English 

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