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Healing Sessions 

Healing starts


Our Healers include a variety of our talented practitioners including:


Circle Healing Session: Alda Henriques,  Angela Croft, Beatriz Marin, Carlos Prazer,  Claudio, Galina Kokhan, Hanh Bui, Marinella

Individual Session:

Andrew Burnham, 

Beatriz Marin

Hanh Bui

Juan Paul 

Marina Kresovic


Healing sessions are available to assist you with your healing journey, for your comfort and ease we will share some information of what to expect or experience; before, during and after the session.  You will have the choice to be in a circle of practitioners or with one practitioner. 


Keeping in your heart that; you must believe, trust, and set the positive intention that the energy healing will work for you, for your best and highest good. Please remember that if you feel unease, have any doubts at any given time, you may withdraw from the session. Your belief that the healing will work for you and your intention on a physical, mental, and spiritual level for healing is the beginning of the overall success of the energy healing session. You are to stay open to receive and be comfortable. You will be the guide for how much work to be done.  


  • A scheduled appointment, a signed copy of the agreed consent for service, a $50.00 non-refundable deposit  and follow clinic policy that is part of the initial assessment.

  • Payment of space service agreement form will be provided.

  • Receive guided information on choice of healing and general information by your primary practitioner at the clinic.

  • A choice of healing in group or one-two practitioners. Reception will connect with you prior to the session. 

  • Trust that the healing will be for your best interest.

  • Avoid eating 1-2hours before the session

  • Washroom stop before the session

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Be comfortable with incense, a quick introduction of the practitioner/s prior to the session, the possibility of drumming; poem reading, opening prayer or an inspirational preparation by the practitioner/s.

  • Keep all cell phone communication on silent


  • Try to visualize breathing in light and breathing out love. Just hold this intention. Say a prayer asking God, the Universe and all the angels and guides that stand for your highest good for their blessings and support for a successful session

  • A guided opening  of the session by the various practitioner/s choice, the practitioner/s will open with an intention, the healer may drum/sing/chant, incense may be sparked and a candle may be lite * * Click here to view benefits of Group Drumming:   

  • Guided music will be played, you are free to listen or tune out, please do what works for you to keep you relaxed.

  • Understand that you may fall asleep and that will be okay

  • If you start feeling a tingling sensation in your body or your body parts or if you see things in your mind’s eye, do not block the energy, move or shake or release any emotion or feeling.  Just allow the energies to flow and “let go”.

  • You may experience feelings of hot or cold during the session. If you are cold, there are blankets on your massage table.

  • You may cry or experience the release of any emotion, please note we are all practitioner/s holding the space, to allow you to be and release without judgement.

  • You may feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace.

  • Try to keep your eyes always closed during the healing session

  • This is sacred moment in time and is critical that we focus all our attention in this 30 minute to 1.5 hour timeframe. This energy healing is for you

  • Closing the healing with a little message/prayer to God, the Universe and all the angels, and guides that stand before us in your highest good, thanking them for the successful healing and for their work.  We show gratitude by being thankful and appreciative for the session.


  • Express your healing session with the group if you would like

  • Drink lots and lots of water. Try lemon water too as lemon helps release toxins, take a warm Epsom salt bath.

  • Try to continue to allow the energy work to continue, see what has arises by allowing the energies to be absorbed by your body. Continued energy work is encouraged, and available one on one healing with the practitioners, as we have collected and witnessed from previous healing sessions. (extra handout of services )

  • Trust that the energies will help you and continue from that moment on as if you are healed and have faith that you are healed. Healing may take some time, so give the energies time to do what they need to do.

  • Journal your experience, participate in a Q/A or report back to the clinic for record keeping with an opportunity to assist healees or healers

  • Journal your dreams. Your dreams may become more prominent and vivid. Journaling can help you understand your dreams and you may have some epiphanies at this time.

  • As energy flows, some energy frequencies are being released, the body’s energy system can be disrupted, and the body is possibly realigning into a new energy frequency. Minimal side effects can be experienced in your body’s, as a means of expressing the releasing something before it begins to heal. The most common side effects during and after their energy healing sessions include (not limited to): vivid dreams, dreams of healing or resolution of emotional or physical issue, dreams of healing a specific relationship or past love trauma, the sensation of heat, nausea, dizziness, sleepy, numb, tingling or emotional release.


Healing Circle
Individual Healing 

A group of practitioners will come together to provide you with a healing. Questions and answers may be shared. 


2 Practitioners 
Individual Healing 

Two practitioners will come together to offer the healing. Specific healers will offer the session.   


1 Practitioner  
Individual Healing

Each practitioner offers a unique and individual healing.  The connection with both client and practitioner will be at your discretion and choice.  Pricing will vary and scheduling per service and practitioner service.   

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