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A view of Brain Activity & Blood Cells up close

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Our ALIVE program (5 Star program)

Give you an opportunity to view your  your brain waves live via an EEG machine and screen monitor. High levels of stress over time can cause problems with sleep, energy, and mood.  Memory and attention span, might be causing you to be less "alive". Problems with focus, concentration, and attention can be related to a variety of psychiatric diagnoses or sleep deprivation, we can get a better view of what to do? See your brain activity and Blood live !

1. Live Blood Cell Analysis

2. Blood work with Nurse Practitioner 

3, 4, 5. Neurofeedback session 

6. Nutrition consultation 

7. Emotional Support, energy practitioner to assist with the body's energy flow (Access Consciousness)

8.9. Body Work - Acupuncture  and Massage 

10. Meditation and Group Healing 




Consultation with our Naturopathic Doctor or Nurse Practitioner  


Neurofeedback- Session  


Nutrition Counselling & planning virtual session 


Emotional Coaching or Counsceling 


Body Work with Acupuncturist, Massage or Access Consciousness practitioner 

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