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Emotion Code Approach

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The Emotion Code is a specialized healing treatment developed by Dr Bradly and its’ creative technique is designed to create an immense emotional release through an individualized and transformative approach. While in session, the practitioner detects some limiting, negative or trapped emotions stored in your subconscious mind, which then is worked through to release some of these trapped emotions, trauma, pain, and self-sabotage which are precursors causing malfunction or imbalance in your mind, body, and soul.


The Body Code is an energy balancing and healing application that finds the root causes of sickness and suffering, at the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual bodies. If you can understand, our body are made up of pure energy and all this energy is connected to your thoughts, beliefs, memories, emotions, and more. These belief systems, or intertwined negatively or positively energy centers can cause more sickness, and suffering in your life. Emotion code can assist the body to emotional wellness, to create more energy balance by eradicating trapped emotions and trauma. 


We will look at:

  • BALANCE-> Body Step into a life of physical balance as we identify the issues in your organs, glands, muscles, and body systems that are all connected.

  •  TOXIN RESOLUTION->  We identify any heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation, and other toxins that throw your entire system off balance.

  • PATHOGEN RESOLUTION-> Try to identify any fungal, bacterial, viral, parasitic, or mold that’s invading your system and wreaking havoc in your body.

  • NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE-> Support proper balance and function of your bones, nerves, alignment, and connective tissues.

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