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Naturopathic medicine uses a combination of natural therapies to prevent and treat ailments. It is based on six basic principles, one of which is; using the body's natural ability to heal. Therapies are carefully selected to work in combination or stand-alone to stimulate the healing process.


Naturopathy treats not simply the symptoms of an illness but gets to the root cause of the issue. Naturopathic Medicine strives to bring our patients to an optimal state of living and well-being!

Naturopathic Doctor & Medicine 

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Botanical Medicine:

The extraction of powerful medicinal ingredients of plants has been used to aid the healing process throughout human history. Individualized botanical formulas can be combined specifically for treatment to work along side modern day medications or stand-alone therapy. 

Clinical Nutrition:

Food habits can benefit or deteriorate the body. Identifying excess or deficient areas of eating can make all the difference to how you feel. Consumption of certain types of foods for certain periods of time can aid in returning the body to a more vital state.  

Conditions Treated:

  • Anxiety ​

  • Arthritis

  • Allergies & Asthma

  • Attention Deficit Disorders

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Depression

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Colds & Flu

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Chronic Pain 

  • Crohn's / Ulcerative colitis

  • Digestive disorders

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Food Sensitivities

  • Hormonal Imbalances

  • Infections

  • Low Back Pain

  • Migraines

  •  Recurrent injuries

  • Sciatica

  • Sleep disorders

  • Thyroid diorders

  • Weight loss 


  • and more... 


Orthomolecular Medicine:

Naturally occurring substances within our body are used at varying doses and durations to treat diseased states and preserve optimal health. These include amino acids, fatty acids (omega-3's), vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.  One common treatment involves the use of insulin, a natural occurring hormone found in the body, given to regulate type 1 diabetes.

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine:

Qi (Chi) is the vital energy of the body. Its disruption can cause disorders in the body ranging from pain, to digestive disorders, and infertility. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to bring the Qi back into balance and within normal function.  Maintaining good Qi is a way of life. The flow of Qi influence is in every aspect of life. Emotions and types of foods can help replenish or drain Qi in the body. 

Laboratory Testing:

Blood, urine, and salivary samples are key components to an accurate diagnosis. Laboratory testing is also a means to the correct course of action and monitor progression.  All tests ordered are processed by larger laboratories and can be expanded to suit individual circumstances.  The government does not cover cost of lab tests ordered by N.D.’s

Mind & Body Therapy:

The body is not simply a machine that works independently on its own, rather it is influenced by our thoughts and emotions. Different emotional states can cause physical changes in the body such as stress, creating ulcers. However it can have the polar effect; poor nutrition can cause negative changes to an individuals mental state.  Therefore, It is important to treat all aspects of an individual to lessen the burden of disease.

Physical Medicine:

Pain is a good indicator that something is wrong in the body.  It’s essential to separate pain from internal (organ related) or external (muscular-skeletal).  By addressing spinal mis-alignments, muscular limitations, nerve restrictions, and fascial adhesions, pain can be alleviated. Rehabilitation exercises can be then be used for prevention and maintenance. 

Illness Program

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