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Osteopathic Manual Practice
(Sports Injuries, Tapping, Baby & Children)

Osteopathic manual practice is based on the concept that all the body’s systems are interrelated. Osteopaths focus on treating the whole person. Osteopathic medicine dates back more than 100 years. Its founder, Andrew Taylor Still, thought that correcting problems with the body's structure could help the body heal itself. The practitioner will use manipulative treatment (OMT) to diagnose and treat illnesses, as it is believed that the tightness and restriction held in your nerves and muscles can be caused by or lead to other problems. To treat the body, they will use their hands to gently move your joints and tissues to correct any restrictions in your range of motion.


Restricted or constricted areas of the body – (areas which are not moving normally or are “strangled” or “squeezed”) may be present in the following systems:

  • musculoskeletal [back pain…]

  • respiratory [asthma.]

  • cardiovascular [hypertension.]

  • digestive [IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis…]

  • reproductive [Infertility…]

  • nervous [stress, anxiety…]


An Osteopathic Manual Practitioner will seek to identify and then gently ease the restrictions or

constrictions so that the body reverts to functioning normal again with the use of different techniques to help improve your bodily function.


Osteopathy looks at the body as whole, rather than localizing specific parts of it because it focuses on all the parts of the body, they are interconnected and are all dependent on one another. Benefits, some of which are:

  • Removing the underlying cause of pain.

  • Increasing the range of motion in the joints.

  • Treating spinal problems (due to poor posture or other causes).

  • Adapting to the hormonal and structural change in pregnancy.

  • Reducing scarring and adhesions as a result from accidents.

  • Treating or alleviating symptoms of chronic illnesses (such as asthma, arthritis etc.).

  • Increasing blood circulation and reducing blood pressure.


Osteopathy is beneficial to treat a variety of bodily issues, please book a 15min session to engage with our practitioner.


Tapping has become one of the most common ways to help prevent injury especially amongst athletes. Athletic taping as a method is used to help keep muscles and bones in certain positions. 

** Disclaimer: Not all Insurance companies will allow claims by Osteopathic Manual Practitioners

 (OOAMA), please view your benefits plan carefully as some will only accept OOA, OAO. 

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