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Holistic Nutrition 

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  • Collaboratively provide nutritional support with a team of practitioners

  • Nutritional counselling for concern or illness specific conditions 

    • Decreased mental and physical energy ​

    • Frequent colds/ infections 

    • Low mood and sleep problems 

    • Emotional instability and brain fog 

    • Inflammatory foods 

    • Digestive difficulties

    • Food intolerances/ sensitivities 

    • Increased difficulties in maintaining weight

  • Provide MEAL PLANNING for a lifestyle of choice 

    • From grocery store to refrigerator to prepared meal support.... making it a healthy life decision to eat clean 

    • Targeted calories, balanced quality fats, low in simple sugar, high/ low fibre/ low glycemic index 

    • Food combining 

    • Conditions specific nutrients

    • Regular eating times

    • Meal 3 P's: Pairing, Preparing & Planning of Foods

    • Create flavourful and colourful food choices

    • Provide alternative food choice to sensitivities and allergies

  • Supplementation Support

    • supplementation for a richer healthy diet, illness and ailment specific ​

    • more... 

  • Therapeutic Foods​​

  • Enhancing Lifestyle 

    • Sport Nutrition​

    • Pregnancy 

    • Alternative food choice to specific diets

    • Mindful eating

  • Educational Support

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