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Reiki Level I,II & III Certification Courses

Reiki Level 1 - April 20-21

Reiki Level 2 - May 18-19

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Reiki II Class.jpg

REIKI III Master Teacher Level The Master Class is a two day program which includes attunement to the Level Three Master Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher Levels. During this class you are attuned to two Usui Master Symbols, you learn how to teach Reiki to others, including how to do the Attunement Process. The first day of the class involves reviewing Levels One and Two from a teaching perspective. You also receive the Reiki Master Attunement followed by a review of the Master symbol and it's uses. On the second day of the class you learn how to do and practice the Attunement process for all the levels of Reiki (Level I, Level II and Level III). This level is also for personal growth, transformation, and increased enlightenment. This degree involves an increased level of energy. The course curriculum among other things includes: ∞Review of Level I and II from a Teaching Perspective ∞Demonstration of and practice of the Initiatory Attunement process for all levels ∞A complete class structure for each Reiki level; everything you will need to run your own successful workshops. You will receive: ∞Manuals for all classes ∞Certificate as a Reiki III Teacher Master ∞Ongoing support ∞Reiki Master Attunement ∞Reiki session The exchange for this workshop is $777.00 CDN. Refreshing Course $333 exchange.

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