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Juan Pablo Cruz Acuna,

Reiki Master, Healer

Fractal Healing Therapy and Psychogeometry

B. Architecture, M.A. Architecture: Healing housing

Home/ Business Energy Clearing

Juan Pablo has held the belief since his childhood that we are all a unit living in this world from different perspectives but in the same realm. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from the Universidad De San Buenaventura de Cali in Colombia in 2001.


Between 2002 and 2004, he studied vibrational frequencies as a healing instrument in Bogota, with the help of Shaolin Monk Pablo Torres. In 2005, Juan Pablo immersed himself in the studies of Reiki and achieved the title of master. He has dedicated his knowledge and skills to the healing of the electromagnetic body.  In 2006, he added Psychogeometry to his healing tools. 


After that, he discovered the healing power of geometry, which led him to travel to Mexico City in 2007 to study Bioarchitecture. He pursued his dream of creating healing architecture and developed architectural projects throughout his career based on his knowledge, obtaining important results in recovering surgical clients.  Juan Pablo studied for a Master’s Degree in Housing Architecture and during this time he developed vital: Guides and Models for the Development of Healing Social Housing. 


In 2018, he traveled to Toronto in the process of adaptation. He became a member of an artist collective and took his geometric art and his relationship with life to the streets of Toronto, where he believed he could touch hearts.  Through heart connections he has been lead to us to be part of the team of practitioners, therapists, energy workers and healers at Visionary Health Medical Educational Clinic.

Please make an inquiry for a session, as selected days available.  

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