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Andrew Burnham
Registered Psychotherapist
(Qualifying- CROP),
RPQ, Energy Practitioner 

& Healer

A good fit between a therapist and a client is a conducive to positive outcomes. Extraordinary changes are possible by harnessing the power and numinosity of an authentic relationship between therapist and client. Andrew's approach is honest, and mindful, and aims to reveal and heal the deep implicit forces that have a tenacious and negative hold on people and their lives.


Andrew pays particular attention to healing the pains, patterns, and traumas lodged in our bodies and minds.

Andrew is an integral therapist and he practices in the emotional, somatic, cognitive, and spiritual realms. Andrew works with the whole person and their parts, not just their symptoms. Andrew has been working with both men and women since 2018. He is a warm relational and psychodynamic therapist who practices energy healing modalities. 

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