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Let's Dia-Beat This!

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Visionary Health team at Type 1 & 2 
Diabetes awareness event
hosted by Diabetes Canada 

Let's Dia-Beat This Program is coming SOON!


"Living with Diabetes is constantly on going, 24 hours 7 days a week.",

"life revolves around digital readings of a glucometer"

There are an estimated 3.4 million people currently diagnosed with Type II diabetes in Canada.

That number is projected to increase to 5 million by 2025.  Every 3 minutes another Canadian is diagnosed with Diabetes.



Type II Diabetes is a chronic disease that can have detrimental impact on the body if not controlled. Diabetes exerts its effects on the body insidiously; there are many other symptoms associated with diabetes many of which are not known or recognized until later on such as "diabetic burnout"(mental depression), neuropathy (damage of the nerves), vascular disease (disease of arteries), and nephropathy (disease of the kidneys) to name a few. 


Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to many debilitating effects which not only affect one's physical health but their state of mind as well. Today, an increasing number of diabetic patient are required to take more than one pill in order to manage their blood sugar. Unfortunately many are not adequately managed, leading to more and more use of polypharmacy (dependance on more than one drug) without seeing benefits, worsening the cycle of uncontrolled diabetes.  

We have a special interest in treating uncontrolled diabetes as we truly believe it is possible to break the cycle. We use innovative research and apply to patients for lasting results. 

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