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Diana Jursa
Holistic Nutritionist, Live Blood
Cell Analysis, Supplement
Consultant Oakville Hospital 

Diana has graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2008, and has actively engaged in the health and wellness communities well over 25 years, by assisting medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, pharmacists, clinicians and other extended medical personnel. Years working as a purchaser in a health food retail and at an alternative Pharmacy in Toronto Smith’s Pharmacy, and currently working at the Trafalgar Oakville Hospital, continues to broaden her scope of practice and wellness support. While in the hospital she works with and supporting many medical teams of care and strongly believes that her knowledge wealth and passion in health will make a national difference in our health industry and health care model. Part of her role has been to engage with teams of care and the various communities; the Diabetes and Celiac Community in their wellness groups. While engaging with the customers she actively listens to their concerns and offers nutritional, vitamin and supplement support towards their illnesses, and assists with their medical concerns towards improving their overall health. 


Live Blood Cell Analysis, is her most recent skill-set, which she believes assists her consultations, as she enthusiastically promotes nutrition and holistic lifestyle.

Languages: Fluent English & Portuguese

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