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Energy Heal

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All your care, ENERGY HEAL all in one place.


PROGRAM Steps (5/5 Star Services) 5 services OR (10/10 Star Program)

You may seek energy healing because you want to balance the body, mind, spirit, and emotions, and wish to explore the energetic field correlations of a particular disease or problem and bring hope or an insight perspective to the internal system/body. In all cases, the intention is to form a co-creative process so that both healer and client are working together, exploring possibilities. It is expected that clients beginning an energy healing sessions are ready and committed to a process and to the time needed for the full sessions.

Any energy healing may have profound effects as it is individual specific, and please understand that it is not considered a medical substitution for medical treatment.  We do not guarantee any cure. Energy healing is recommended after the client seeks medical treatment and/or evaluation for any medical conditions. 

Healing options available: A one on one session with a practitioner, a group healing with multiple practitioners or two practitioners in a session.  With every healing or initial process of your journey your openness to receive will play a key role and it is your active participation to continue care after the 3 sessions.

Healing Sessions (1,2,3) Two practitioners in a session

Initial session will be with the practitioner (s) for a total of 3 sessions consecutively.


  • Identify with you what might be a contributing factor to your struggle

  • Allow the healing to be cleared, cleaned while the practitioners

  • Educate you and provide some tools, strategies to cope with emotions or trauma more effectively

  • Unlock patterns of the vicious and self-deprecating cycle

A Ten Star Program offers 10 services with the above and the following

Nutrition (4)

  • Initial assessment

  • Nutrition Suggest to implement a nutritional detoxification programs and a continuous plan

Counselling/ Coaching/ Psychotherapy (5, 6)

A session with a therapist, psychotherapist for some extra support and a general follow up session.

  • Increase your awareness of of integration after the three healing sessions.

  • Explore the new integrated mental and emotional patterns, your body has created new opportunities.

Meditation/Breath Work (7)

  • Participate in our mediation circles.

To best integrate all treatments and services will involve your engagement, cooperation, and participation on a regular basis. We understand that you may have your team of care; Naturopathic Doctors, Medical Doctors or healers, however, we understand that you the process at VHMEC  health and healing clinic involves check-ins, and this provides us with a patient-client-practitioner relationship to offer all parties involved in the best quality of care. 

Re-Assess after a few months (8, 9, 10 )

 Participate in a mediation circle healing and three meditation sessions.

We continue to receive additional intensive training, learning through our clients and with your involvement. You will receive optimal care, and we ask that you follow our home wellness-program plan will be discussed.

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