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Natalie Obal 
Meditator, Retired School Teacher 

B.Sc, B.Comm., B.Ed.

Natalie has been an amazing addition to our meditation and healing circle here in clinic but she was a former school teacher and stay at home mother who initiated her own healing from the emotional and psychological effects of a traumatic childhood experience by reading extensively and then practicing the guidance that was provided and given. 

She believes every parent wants to giver their child a chance at a better life. Sometimes, though, harsh things happen, something we didn't expect or something out of our control, a traumatic experience. We then become thrown off and not sure how to get back on track. 

With patience, love, guidance and understanding she also believes that every child has the ability to heal and move forward from such a traumatic experience. they have the ability to learn new skills to take o the realities of day-to-day challenges with more ease, confidence and happiness. 

By showing children how resilient they really are, with the power of their own thoughts, together, can help them get on with creating the life they want and deserve. 

As a former elementary school teacher and stay at home Natalie saw for herself the impact the unattended feelings can have on children. Having gone through her own journey of healing as well has given her insite that it is possible and knowing of what it takes to make it happen. 

"It is my intention to offer the same healing experience for you!"

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