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Trudy Winders, pscyhotherapist, psychotherapy, grief therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, loss therapy

Trudy Winders
Psychodrama, Family Sculptures,
Grief, Group & Couples Therapist

Trudy Winders has been in private practice since 1987 and she has facilitated groups utilizing her vast knowledge and experience in psychodrama, gestalt therapy, couples counselling, mindfulness meditation and grief therapy. Trudy has trained with Dr. Elizabeth Kugler-Ross, the author of To Live Until You Die and Living with Death and Dying, as well as Stephen Levine, the author of Who DiesWith her insight and skill, she helps her client's explore the unresolved patterns and traumas from their past that impinge on life generally and specifically. Trudy uses gestalt therapy as a way to empower the client and she serves as a witness to the pain and the growth of her clients as they become their own advocates and begin to restructure their lives in ways they never thought possible. Trudy uses psychodramatic body release work to help her client's get past the mind and into the body memory where trauma is trapped and it is with the release of trauma her client's can move into the present moment with more energy and spaciousness. Trudy had her own encounter with the death of her 12 -year-old child and it is with that tragic event which pushed Trudy to understand grief in all of its many aspects. There is life after the death of a loved one, a life we may not have wanted, or even imagined, yet, it can be a life of purpose and meaning. In time we may even come to consider having loved ones in spirit can be a super power. We are so much more than we know.  

Languages: Fluent English

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