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Hospital- Pre & Post 

Our Pre-Post Hospital Program 

Prehospital care  treatment that is provided to patients before they go to the hospital, could is a great option.

1. Medical support with our Nurse Practitioner,  the focuing is on the initial evaluation and supporting patients  possible  2. Emotional Support wi[4]. Prehospital personnel follow national emergency medical guidelines including protocols for emergency medical procedures and the treatment of specific symptoms and diagnostic groups. Depending on severity, the transfer time to a care facility differs; however, almost all emergency patients are transferred to an appropriate care hospital regardless of condition severity [1,4,5]. Once a patient is transferred to an emergency department, prehospital personnel complete an electronic patient record detailing the situation, sterilize their equipment, and relinquish current responsibility for that patient [1].: $.         (Valued at.   / Save.    )

1. Session with one of our Naturopathic Doctors or Nurse Practitioner 

2. Reiki Session Before 


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