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Nutrition Service Packages

Nutrition Service packages coming soon!

Our nutritionist will teach you how to eat for healthy habits without feeling deprived or over consuming, including:

  • Adapt a positive outlook and relationship with food and its role in your life

  • Understand the metabolic benefits of nutrient dense foods

  • Learn how adding food can lead to your health issue

  • Replan your food menu & family eating habits

  • Educate on grocery shopping and label reading

  • Meal planning and healthy food preparation options

  • Meal plan for your career lifestyle

*You can save up to 20% when you buy packages of specific treatments. No other coupon can be used with the packages at any given time. All packages are prepaid & non-refundable.   You may receive coverage through your benefits plan, it is at your own discretion to learn about your policy, we do not have all the details of each policy holder and policies can change from organization and work employer.

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