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Beauty & Facial Sculptural Massage

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There are several beauty massages that can benefit your muscle

tension within the face. Sculptural face massages uses a technique

that is a deep and intense massage of the skin and facial muscles,

During the massage, blood circulation is actively intensified and

metabolic processes are accelerated and with each session the skin

and muscles are smoothed out. This massage is comparable to the

lifting effect of injections. 

A sculptural-buccal massage uses two massage techniques:

sculptural and buccals. Muscles are affected not only on the

outside but also from within through the oral cavity and it is

during this type of massage both superficial mimic and deep

chewing muscles are activated and this then triggers muscle


The chiroplastic (Spanish) massage is a unique method which unites the European and Eastern style of massage. This massage affects the nervous , circulatory, lymphatic systems, muscles and joints. This massage helps eliminate "double chin", deep facial wrinkles, relieves fatigue and stress, shapes the oval of your face and restore muscle symmetry and skin elasticity. 


  • promotes your overall skin health 

  • decreases puffiness 

  • reduces stiffness and muscle tension 

  • improves circulation

  • reduces wrinkles and folds

  • change in your muscle tone 

  • reduces stress and fatigues 

  • helps shape your face

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