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Marina Kresovic
German Laser Auricular Acupuncturist,
Access Bars, Body Process, Reiki Practitioner 
& Healer

Marina is a therapist practicing German Auricular Medicine, a field of medicine that treats the entire body via the ear. 

She has a Bachelor of Arts in History and various modalities to support her wellness knowledge. Her studies continue, level at the Canadian Institute of the Auricular Medicine with the use of other methods of neuro-acupuncture and bioelectromagnetic modality to assess, treat and address any issues that stand in the way of healing. Over the last ten years she has endeavoured to develop skills necessary to facilitate wholistic approach to health and as a result has become a Life Skills Coach, received Donna Eden energy medicine training, and trained in qigong under Master Lee Chi Wai of Chung Wah Kung Fu International System. 


She is a passionate and well committed individual to assist in the treatment and management of pain by using the least invasive approach, such as electro-stimulation and low-level laser therapy. A wonderful tool which offers a viable alternative to more traditional forms of needle stimulation of the auricle. Marina has recently received her certification in Access Bars Consciousness and has dived into the world of Access Bars.


Languages: Fluent English & Serbian



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