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Garfield Andrews,
Physiotherapist, MSc, PT, BSc, Dip, Acpt, CMT


Garfield Andrews is a Physical Therapist and Health and Wellness coach (Physical Therapist Stretch + Strength Posture Correction) with a MSc and BSc Physiotherapy from McGill University and a BSc in Health Sciences from the University of Toronto. Garfield has received a diploma of Acupuncture from the University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing China and a Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation Advanced Studies from the Swodeam Institute. 

Years ago, Garfield was living in Paris, rehearsing for an international production when his life changed forever. The severity of the injury effectively ended any advancement of his performance career and athletic competition. Garfield couldn’t walk and only the treatment of a highly gifted physiotherapist restored his mobility, enlightening him to a level of practitioner that he had never encountered. This event replaced the end of his previous career with the revelation to pursue a career in healing. Physiotherapy was the foundation around which he incorporated – and continue to - multi-disciplinary practices in order to provide the most comprehensive care to his patients.

“Injuries are commonplace in any life that is being lived and enjoyed. From time to time, the demands of your creative or professional posture, aging, rehabilitation from injury or illness or the effects of athletic pursuits require support and strength. Sometimes you are aware of your needs, and sometimes, too often, you agree to a slow degeneration, agreement to diminishing mobility, choices, confidence and ultimately your freedom in every way."  

Manual Mobilization, CM Kelly Method 
Fascial Manipulation, Fascial Manipulation Institute 
Sport Taping, K-Taping Academy 

Sport Physiotherapist 
Pan Am Games 
FINA Diving World Cup 

Concussion Protocol 
Canadian Junior Football League 

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