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Galina Kokhan, painting class, healer,

Galina Kokhan
Artist & Healer

Galina is originally from Lviv, Ukraine and she has received an MSc in Computer Sciences at Lviv Polytechnic University. After coming to Canada she worked as a software developer for many years. Aside from her computing skills, she also has many talents in alternative medicine such as practicing the qigong since 2005 which "promises healing of many diseases", a practice or cultivation of Qi -- "The vital energy, the life force of the living body, the self-healing or self-adjusting mechanism". Currently, she adds qigong derivatives, tajiquan and lungful, to her practice. Galina continued to study Traditional Chinese medicine at the Ontario School of Osteopathy and Alternative Medicine, where she acquired her acupuncturist license, specifically in Auricular medicine; a complete medical system of using the ear for diagnosing and treating by strategically placing seeds on the ear. She combines both the thousand year old Traditional Chinese medicine and the very new German Auricular acupuncture for the best results. She brings to the Visionary Health Educational Medical Clinic a wide variety of treatment modalities of TCM including but not limited to acupressure, moxa and cupping. Her charismatic and energetic personality allows the client to experience a wonderful service, as one of her talents is to get the client to experience "some way of letting go" or set their state into that vibration and start laughing, or some individuals to relax so much so that they fall asleep during treatment. Many clients will notice both symptoms and every improving in the days following treatment. It's a wonderful journey to the healthy body and peaceful mind. 

Languages: Fluent English, Spanish, Ukrainian & Russian

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