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Dr. Manesh
N.D., Naturopathic Doctor, 
Medical Doctor Iran

Dr. Manesh's journey started in Iran practicing conventional medicine for over three decades. After moving to Canada, she discovered the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine. Along with her extensive medical knowledge and experience she has a unique perspective integrating the two worlds of medicine, Holistic and Allopathic, East and West, Ancient and Modern. Dr. Manesh, N.D., has a holistic perceptive when it comes to approaching caring for health. She is open to help patients from all walks of life. Her doors are open as wide as her heart is, to help you live better, happier and longer. With this perspective she helps manage your digestive issues, metabolic and endocrine problems, stress and anxiety, sleep and insomnia, weight-loss, skin conditions, women's health and hormonal health. She also provides anti-aging treatments through ' Rejuvenation Cosmetic-Acupuncture'. "Health Matters" is her motto, which allows her to delve as deeply as possible to discover the root cause of your problem, and through a close working relationship with her patients mentally, physically and spiritually she is able to help you regain control and balance of your health and well-being. 

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