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Oksana Buncha
Nutrition Counselling

Oksana is an Honours graduate of the Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion program at Humber College and has a passion for food, fitness and wellness. Oksana is certified in Advanced Food Safety and has studied recipe development, menu planning, and nutritional counselling. She has worked in the service industry for over 10 years and her extensive experience with food preparation and presentation has taught her to prioritize nutrition density while elevating flavour and enjoyment when it comes to making meals. 

She believes that we should enjoy life to the fullest while being kind to our bodies. Her goal is to help clients achieve sustainable, realistic and measurable nutrition goals by guiding them through health behaviour changes as well as helping them to overcome barriers.

Her passion is for her clients’ health, longevity and happiness which is why she uses non-diet, and non-restrictive methods.  She feels that nutrition does not need to be boring. 


So whether you are looking to improve your eating habits, maximize your fitness, fill in nutrient gaps or simply learn more about food and its benefits, booking a session with Oksana is the first step towards making healthy changes.

Languages: Fluent English


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