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Body Work Behavioural Health Service Packages

Body Work Service packages coming soon!

Our behavioral health team will work with you for 3 sessions on an individual session to:

  • Choice of an Access Bars Consciousness, Body Process, Bowen Therapy or Reiki to identify and uncover possible origins of your health issues

  • Identify with you what might be a contributing factor to your struggle

  • Address emotional, habitual, or repeated patterns causing you to respond not move in the direction you would like

  • Educate you and provide some tools, strategies to cope with emotions or trauma more effectively

  • Unlock patterns of the vicious and self-deprecating cycle

  • Learn to increase your awareness of ingrained mental patterns, emotions, and signals from your body to create new patterns.

  • Mindfulness and mind-body awareness

*You can save up to 20% when you buy packages of specific treatments. No other coupon can be used with the packages at any given time. All packages are prepaid & non-refundable.   You may receive coverage through your benefits plan, it is at your own discretion to learn about your policy, we do not have all the details of each policy holder and policies can change from organization and work employer.

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